Dafi Water Filter Housing
Dafi Water Filter Housing

Dafi Water Filter Housing

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Dafi Product:
Type of Product: Water Filter Housing

Flow-through filters can be installed individually or in various combinations directly onto the supply pipe – both in private homes and apartments. You only need to replace individual elements of the cleaning kit as they wear out. In order to obtain the best filtering effect, it is recommended to place the filters in a water drawing point, for example: near dishwashers, washing machines and sinks. The filter can also be fitted on pipes running close to the walls. Guarantee of many years' work.
  • Water filtering at uptake is the most effective way to restore natural clarity and purity of tap water. The Dafi Systems in-line filters perfectly perform the task.
  • With the possibility to select several filter types and creating appropriate setups, the filtering method is adjusted to water properties and the water can be more effectively treated.
  • Use of in-line filters provides clean and healthy water, reduces consumption of detergent as the water is softened and protects household appliances against excessive wear due to scale sediment. This is a favourable solution improving Customers’ standard of living which is easy to adapt and use in everyday life.
  • In-line filters make tap water pure and clear. They are easy to fit at the water uptake point and therefore tap water can be regularly treated; filter replacement will prolong the life of the system.