Dafi Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge
Dafi Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge

Dafi Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge

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Dafi Product:
Type of Product: Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge
Lifetime: max. 6 months (depending on the water quality and the type of pollution)
Level of filtration:25 µm
Height:9 3”
Efficiency:up to 15 l/min

  • for mechanical filtration

  • recommended for each water system

  • excellent filtration capabilities

  • need to be replaced when the filter is too dirty

  • to be fitted at the end of a filter configuration

  • Flow-through filters can be installed individually or in various combinations directly onto the supply pipe – both in private homes and apartments. You only need to replace individual elements of the cleaning kit as they wear out. In order to obtain the best filtering effect, it is recommended to place the filters in a water drawing point, for example: near dishwashers, washing machines and sinks. The filter can also be fitted on pipes running close to the walls. Guarantee of many years' work.
    • A polypropylene filter works in a mechanical way and removes sand, fine suspensions, corrosive products, impurities washed away from the surface of hydraulic installations and fats.
    • Recommended with old water installations.
    • Highly efficient filtration
    • Life cycle up to 6 months