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Pantum printers at Ink Inspiration

Our shop, in addition to toners and inks, offers a compact monochrome laser printer by Pantum, we have several models in our offer, one of them is Pantum P2200W - a product that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, is small and mobile, so you can easily move it from office to home. We also have larger Pantum printers such as: Pantum P3500DW or Pantum P3255DN, which are larger and more expensive, will be an ideal solution for office work, where there is no need to move the device frequently. Our printers have a 12-month warranty, the manufacturer also provides a free toner. The most expensive printer includes a free toner for 3,000 pages, the P2200W model includes a free toner for 900 pages.

Laser printer Pantum P2200W

Laser printers are a great solution for those who print frequently, so they will work mainly for companies, they are more expensive than inkjet printers, but the maintenance costs pay off faster, the toners used in these printers are more efficient than the inks in inkjet printers. The printers we offer are recommended for black-and-white printing, i.e. they are suitable for printing e.g. contracts or forms.