Colección: Food Containers

Dafi food containers are a way to store food for longer. The containers protect your food from unwanted bacteria or moisture, so your food is always fresh and tasty. Check our range of food containers and browse our vacuum pumps. 

Vacuum pumps are a timeless solution, people live in a hurry and often do not have time to prepare meals for children or for themselves every day, they often cook more and then the dishes are put in the freezer to be eaten a few days later. Frozen food that is not stored in the appropriate container often soaks with the smell of the freezer; it is no longer as good as the first day. Vacuum containers allow you to store food even a few days after preparation, which is important without the need to freeze it, our food is tasty and full of aromas even after a few days. To properly secure the dish in the vacuum container, the air must be sucked out with a vacuum pump. See for yourself, save time and eat delicious dishes even a few days after preparation.